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Canvas Art

The artists at Star Lab Industries create unique canvas art either to a client’s brief or create individual or a series of canvases using their own imagination. A limited few pieces are for sale – please contact us for pricing.

Canvas art work can be on virtually any medium – stretched canvas, glass, wood to name but a few.

We can produce or reproduce virtually any image and style you require on a medium which best suit your own unique requirements. As well as the imagery, Star Lab Industries provide complimentary light installations to “really make the art pop!”

Many commissions are private and therefore will not be shown in this gallery however, we hope this cross-section of canvas artwork (some commissioned) we have completed will give you added inspiration for your own unique installation.

Zombie Nation


The word “zombie” can create very different visuals in our imagination. Here’s a look into the imagination of Christopher Thomas – owner of Star Lab Industries.



We’re only Human after all….portraits and human art is subjective and uses the imagination of the artist. How we see ourselves and each other has been the question for artists throughout the centuries.



Exploring ideologies/thoughts created from this current reality. Ask an artist to create something purely from imagination will produce varying results to say the least!



Paying homage to the beautiful creatures roaming planet Earth can be an honour for Artists to create.



Creating and visualising themes such as time, energy and expression through the medium of paint.



Spending his early years growing up in the countryside, Artist and Star Lab Industries owner – Christopher Thomas developed a bond with birds and nature which is still strong today.



Graffiti characters and dedication pieces from some of the crew of Star Lab Industries

Flower Of Life


S*x, Dr*gs, and Rock and Roll!
Media produced on Perspex 150x150cm (x3) by Christopher Thomas.

Made By People


Varying pieces of artwork exploring structures designed and created by mankind.

BOOK A CONSULTATION today – whether it’s a painting of your beloved best friend or an abstract installation for your home or business, star lab industries should be your first step in creating a reality from your imagination.

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