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Customised Furniture

Many businesses, whether a hotel or restaurant, nightclub or retailer are looking for that USP – unique selling point. Customised furniture may be the answer!

Star Lab Industries have worked with hotel chains and private individuals to produce unique furniture pieces to suit an original concept or idea.
Their unique style of art can be reproduced on virtually any item of furniture. From a table to a tree stump or bar stool to white goods.

There may only be need for a single piece especially like a centre piece for a room or even an item to create an accent. Star Lab Industries can work with you to acquire the piece of furniture or use a piece already owned.
There can be many uses for a customised piece whether it’s advertising on a bar stool or as a talking piece in a hotel foyer.

The is almost an endless supply of possibilities – let Star Lab Industries take the journey with you!

Below is a very small selection produced for our customers – imagination transposed onto solid objects!

Customised Furniture – Design to Reality

Visit our Star Lab Blog to keep up to date with current projects.

BOOK A CONSULTATION today – Working with some major companies, Star Lab Industries have produced unique furniture to compliment desired themes. From a serving tray to a complete set of furniture, let the Star Lab create a reality from your imagination.

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