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Private Villa Murals

Star Lab Industries work together with individuals to create truly unique personal residence and private villa murals.

Working closely with private individuals, property developers and agents, Star Lab Industries produce designs, proposals and concepts in accordance with most imaginations.

The Star Lab are happy to present some examples of their private villa murals painted in residencies across Europe & Asia – as many commissions are for private individuals, valuing their privacy, below is a small selection published with their kind permission.


Jungle Fantasy Scene


Creating a personalised mural for a client with a beautiful Villa.
Here we worked for several days on sharing designs back and forth until the client was completely happy with the concept. Then we worked everyday on the large scale painting from start to finish.
The exterior of the Villa included an incredible view of the mountains and the distant blue sea, a relaxing swimming pool, a large terrace area, and now includes an impressive nature mural with high detail and design

Under The Sea


Painted in the entrance hallway of a Private Villa. The viewer is immediately taken to an ancient underwater city inhabited by a variety of fish, sharks, coral, turtles, jellyfish, and a mermaid guarding a treasure chest.

Fantasy Temple


Painted in a luxurious villa next to the beach. This private villa mural depicts the customer trekking through a deep jungle and discovering a mysterious temple. The mural also features his beloved cat ‘kitty’ also on an adventure.

The second part of this project was a mural above the pond area. The mural depicts an extension of the jungle temple into the open air. The stairway travels up to a heavenly entrance

In Memoriam – King Bhumibol Adulyadej


A dedication to the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Painted in a private Villa.

The Matrix


Transforming this Office space/Projector room into a huge scene from the Matrix films. Elements from all three films were included. We created an intense 3D effect with parts of the room and ceiling being broken away to reveal a dark atmospheric world from the film.

Complete with giant Robot crashing through the ceiling.

Swimming Pool Landscape


A request from a client on Koh Samui for their private villa.

The grey walls that surrounded their swimming pool made the outside area feel small and too enclosed.

Working on a tight budget we were still able to give the illusion of a balcony that looked out onto a beautiful beach with distant mountains.

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BOOK A CONSULTATION today – Imagine your very own mural painting inside or outside of your residence. Whether you have a private villa, house, flat, bungalow, beach hut……personalise it with a mural painting. This could be your first step in creating a reality from your imagination.

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