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Live Action Painting

Live Action Painting is entertaining for all ages. Ideal for Restaurants to entertain their diners, Hotels as a spectacle for their guests and a perfect offering for party/event organisers. Live painting sessions can be from a half-day to as long as is needed. The subject of the live painting is discussed and agreed in advance and can compliment any theme.

Painting People – Live


Creating portraits of fictional and non-fictional people live in front of an audience of onlookers, restaurant diners and  hotel guests.

A Vision of the Future


Star Lab Industries’ beloved style of the future created in front of a live audience.

Choose Your Subject


Whatever style, size, theme or colour, Star Lab Industries can organise live painting sessions to suit your requirements.

W Hotels – A Visual Celebration


Live painting at the renowned W Resorts during a Summer Festival and also at a New Years Eve Celebrations.

Live Action Painting in the Jungle


A few years ago, after moving Star Lab Industries to Koh Phangan,  once or sometimes twice a month, we were proudly painting live at the huge Jungle Experience Festival on Koh Phangan.
Painting large scale colourful party pieces amongst thousands of party goers and pumping music

Gothic Themed Live Painting Session


Live Painting can sometimes include a mixed media performance. Using our choice of weapons: paint brushes, spray cans, posters, stencils, pens, lighting, costumes, and 3D installations.

Live Painting on the Beach


The Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan is World-renowned. Tens of thousands of World travellers and backpackers enjoying a night of celebration and partying under the light of the full moon.
World class DJ’s and Star Lab Industries live painting – What more do you need?

Live Graffiti Sessions


Where it all began so many years ago. Never forget your roots!

BOOK A CONSULTATION today – Live Action Painting is the perfect addition to any special event. Working closely with the organisers, let The Star Lab create a spectacular for you and your guests by creating an evolving reality from your imagination.

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