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Professional signage and an inviting corporate image can be the most important step in getting visitors into your business.

Star Lab Industries offer an array of signage services which could significantly attract visitors and guests into your establishment.
There are many examples of professional signage since the Star Lab landed on Koh Phangan which are visible throughout the beautiful island..
Ban Thai or Thong Sala display many of the roadside signs produced by Star Lab industries. 

Star Lab industries offer a full design service which can take your project from concept to completion.
Book an initial consultation to discuss your logo and corporate images and then let the Star Lab turn your imagination into a visual design.

Many business already have superb logos and a corporate image and subsequently need their identity transferred onto a professional sign.
Star Lab Industries have produced signs for shop frontage, restaurant/nightclub/hotel entrance and roadside advertisements which are eye catching and inviting.
Star Lab Industries have many years experience during their time on Koh Phangan. Let the Star Lab produce professional signage for your business.

If you want to keep up to date with Star Lab Industries then visit the Star Lab Blog

BOOK A CONSULTATION today – First impressions last! Star Lab Industries offer a complete service from company logo design to completion. From business cards to billboards, contact the Star Lab and take the first step in creating a reality from your imagination.

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