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Mural and Art Services

Star Lab Industries are proud to offer the following Mural and Art Services.
We cater for small and large businesses, private individuals and companies within the hospitality industry including:

  • Hotels and hostels
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Nightclubs and bars
  • Private villas, houses, flats and beach huts
  • Individuals and collectors
  • Events planners and party organisers

Please contact the Star Lab and let us create a reality from your imagination. Star Lab industries is an established, trusted and professional company offering the very best in mural and art services and subsequently, in everything they produce.

Private Villa Murals

Star Lab Industries work together with individuals to create truly unique personal residence and private villa murals. Working closely with private individuals, property developers and agents, Star Lab Industries produce designs, proposals and concepts in accordance with most imaginations. The Star Lab are happy to present some examples of their private villa murals painted in […]

Commercial Murals

Star Lab Industries are happy to present some of their Commercial Murals which have been completed across Europe & Asia. Rock and Roll   Paying dedication to fallen rock and pop stars. Each room was themed with a different singer/band. Not only did we paint portraits of the stars, each room was colour schemed and […]

Canvas Art

The artists at Star Lab Industries create unique canvas art either to a client’s brief or create individual or a series of canvases using their own imagination. A limited few pieces are for sale – please contact us for pricing. Canvas art work can be on virtually any medium – stretched canvas, glass, wood to […]

Live Action Painting

Live Action Painting is entertaining for all ages. Ideal for Restaurants to entertain their diners, Hotels as a spectacle for their guests and a perfect offering for party/event organisers. Live painting sessions can be from a half-day to as long as is needed. The subject of the live painting is discussed and agreed in advance […]

Customised Furniture

Many businesses, whether a hotel or restaurant, nightclub or retailer are looking for that USP – unique selling point. Customised furniture may be the answer! Star Lab Industries have worked with hotel chains and private individuals to produce unique furniture pieces to suit an original concept or idea. Their unique style of art can be […]

Professional Signage

Professional signage and an inviting corporate image can be the most important step in getting visitors into your business. Star Lab Industries offer an array of signage services which could significantly attract visitors and guests into your establishment. There are many examples of professional signage since the Star Lab landed on Koh Phangan which are […]

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Some of our previous clients include.....

W Hotels Topman BBC Codemasters Mad Monkey Escape Break
Royal West of England Academy Phanganist Goodtime Loi Lay Singing Tooth Productions Koh Fit

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