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Commercial Murals

Star Lab Industries are happy to present some of their Commercial Murals which have been completed across Europe & Asia.

Rock and Roll


Paying dedication to fallen rock and pop stars. Each room was themed with a different singer/band.
Not only did we paint portraits of the stars, each room was colour schemed and had different imagery/quotes/lyrics on each wall.

W Hotels


We have been invited by W on separate occasions for our artistic talents.
Twice we have been asked to perform a live painting experience for the customers to enjoy.

We were commissioned to create a number of colourful ‘floating trays’ for a special food and drink swimming pool service and we were also commissioned to create some unique artwork for the entrance to the busy staff entrance on the resort premises.
We chose to paint one of W Resorts mascots surrounded by colour and vibrance.

The Secret Garden


‘Painting nature amongst the nature’
Creating a dedication to mother nature and her lands in the garden of this beautiful resort.

Classic Car


Vintage Car and old style petrol station complete with colourful sunset – painted at Shell Gasoline Station, Koh Phangan

Giant Asian Elephant


A huge piece painted next to the swimming pool of a brand new hostel.
The money on the elephant’s back is a sign of good luck and fortune in Thai culture.
Creating photo opportunities for holiday makers with a Hotel Mural could aid with reviews and feedback.

See The Hulk Roar


A huge Hulk character painted on the exterior of a new gym on Koh Samui.

Goodtimes For All To See


Wildlife, nature, rock climbing, jungle huts and their logo all feature in these busy yet subtle black and white murals.

Mad Hatters Tea Party


Creating a whole Alice in Wonderland scene across the walls and ceiling of this quaint cafe.

It’s All Shenanigans


Turning blank walls into a jungle temple – complete with a giant mutant plant on the ceiling of the bar area!

Unique Hostel Experiences


A majority of backpackers and young world travellers use hostels for their stay. Creating a unique experience for their guests creates positive reviews and future recommendations.

Black & White Sea Creatures


A stylish black and white approach to the marvellous creatures of the deep.

Rough Seas Ahoy!


A commission by Reefers Divers.
Here we see their impressive dive boat at the world famous dive spot ‘Sail Rock’

Cats In Space NightClub


Paintings cats amongst the galaxy in this creative commission, complete with black light elements, ceiling galaxies and 3D installations

The Fairy Forest


Star Lab Industries were commissioned by Mad Monkey Hostels to travel to Pai and paint a create a unique mural in their new hostel.
A mystical fairy forest complete with lighting and 3D elements

Some Of Our Past Projects


Star Lab Industries have a huge portfolio of commercial murals. Below is a small collection of completed commissions undertaken over the past few years.
Hostel murals can create a unique experience for your guests and visitors. 

See our commercial property wall murals all together on a Star Lab Art Wall – wall murals – commercial property and keep up to date with our Star Lab Blog.

BOOK A CONSULTATION today – Star Lab Industries have a proven track record for thier quality of work, passion and professionalism. The Star Lab have worked with businesses over many years and can create a reality from imagination – from concept design to completion.


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Some of our previous clients include.....

W Hotels Topman BBC Codemasters Mad Monkey Escape Break
Royal West of England Academy Phanganist Goodtime Loi Lay Singing Tooth Productions Koh Fit

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