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Hotel Murals

Star Lab Industries have designed and completed many hotel murals which have made a true positive statement to guests and visitors alike.

A mural in the foyer could be a great USP (unique selling point) for a hotel. It could be a great talking point for guests and could lead to a memorable visit creating return visitors and recommendations.

Looking to theme your hotel? This is more than possible with hotel room murals. Each room could have it’s own theme or personality or alternatively, all rooms could have the same theme repeated throughout the hotel. Again, this is something new and unique for the guests which could lead to the guests remembering their stay. This could lead to recommendations and high scores when giving reviews and feedback.

Below is an example of W Hotels who commission internal murals and also Live Action Painting to entertain their guests.

External hotel murals are a great selling point to both guests and visitors. Creating a memorable mural from design to completion is exactly what the Star Lab does.
How about an internal or external wall which could be used as a general photo opportunity for guests, visitors and tourists alike? 

Star Lab Industries have worked with independent hotels and hotel chains to create unique experiences for guests, visitors and tourists – many of the Star Lab hotel murals can be found on Koh Phangan, Koh Samui and Koh Tao.
See our commercial murals for inspiration for your own piece of wall art.

Thailand, the land of smiles, is an unforgettable destination for holiday makers from across the globe. whether you holiday on the mainland or on the islands, we at Star Lab Industries hope you have an amazing stay and enjoy the many attractions this beautiful country has to offer.   

Keep up to date with our current art projects with our Star Lab blog.

Some of our previous clients include.....

W Hotels Topman BBC Codemasters Mad Monkey Escape Break
Royal West of England Academy Phanganist Goodtime Loi Lay Singing Tooth Productions Koh Fit

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